Don’t Do This: Commenting Fail

Every Monday, I am going to post parenting fails from around the internet (and probably my life…okay, mostly my life). But I want you to contribute! Submit pictures/screenshots/videos to and together, we’ll all bask in our internet superiority. 

My friend, Nicole, sent me a link to a story on CafeMom, where they talk about a crazy woman stealing baby pictures off of Facebook and passing them off as her own kid to make her ex jealous. There are so many problems with this, my head just exploded trying to find a beginning, but just to kick things off, Don’t you think the ex would see the pictures and be like, “Thank goodness that’s not my kid!” At least. Also, she stole HER friends baby pictures, soooooo that was pretty fantastically dumb.

But despite the high bar for stupidity that this woman set, the comments are just priceless. They’re gold. Gold-covered Bald Eagles, riding Killer Whales kind of PRICELESS. For example, the above woman who claims she never puts her baby pictures online and BAM her profile picture is her baby.

And then there is the spelling.

HAVE YOU NO SHAME!? You’re spelling exaggeration with two Xs! YOU ARE SOMEBODY’S MOTHER.

Also, onbline.

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