Don’t Do This: Fake Your Baby’s Death on the Internet

Every Monday, I am going to post parenting fails from around the internet (and probably my life…okay, mostly my life). But I want you to contribute! Submit pictures/screenshots/videos and together, we’ll all bask in our internet superiority or learn valuable lessons from our mistakes such as, don’t let your baby chew on napkins. You’d think it’d be okay, but no. No, actually, it isn’t.

I’m a member of message boards and no, I am not proud of it, but can I quit? NO. And this is why: Because just when I think I’m out. Done. Kicked the habit. I read a post and something crazy happens. Like a woman complains about her sister-in-law getting more attention over her baby or a woman get’s called out for faking the death of a fake baby.


The best part is all the investigation other women on the site do into the truth of these stories. They’ll be all, “Well, I found her Facebook page which indicates she is in fact a 12-year-old boy.”

Or another woman will be all, “I went through the newspaper archives from the past 10 years and discovered no information to support this claim.”

The FBI should hire these women to stalk the internet for them. Because the only thing crazier than an internet crazy is hunting down the internet crazies.

Link HERE. You may never come back.

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