A Princess With Weapons

Today, my love letter to Katniss Everdeen went up on Mommyish. At the end, I write:

And perhaps that’s the lesson of Katniss that Collin’s so expertly weaves. Forcing our daughters out of fairy tales is just as damaging as forcing them into one. Sometimes the rebellion is worse than the status quo. And as I search so hard for role models for my daughter, perhaps I’m looking too hard. Isn’t it best to just let my daughter be human even if that means Princess ™ brand toothpaste and roughhousing? Nerf guns and tutus? All girls are so much bigger than the roles we have set out for them and like Katniss, every attempt we have to push them into the image of our movement—vices, hang ups and baggage—will ultimately backfire. In the end, we just have to let them be and watch them catch the world on fire.

I posted this on my Facebook page, and a friend wrote in response, maybe one of the best comments I have ever read on Facebook:

This reminds me of a little girl I once spent Thanksgiving with a few years ago. First, she brought me my own tiara to wear out of her collection. (And yes, I believe it had princesses on it.) A few minutes later she returned from a trip to her toy pile, with an armful of plastic swords and daggers. She brought them over to me and proudly announced, “And these are my weapons!”. This is my blue print. Sometimes I want to be a princess, but I ALWAYS want to be a princess with a weapon.

And I love that so hard. So, so, so much. I want this line ” Sometimes I want to be a princess, but I ALWAYS want to be a princess with a weapon” made into a greeting card and I want to send it to friends and people I don’t know. Sure, you’re a princess, a princess with an AK47. TIARA THIS!

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