Don’t Do This: Police The Internet

I cut the offensive part out, because it's the internet and that's HOW IT WORKS. If you hate something you are free to crop it out, close your browser and move on. Although faux outrage is a good time waster too if you're into that sort of thing.

And “Don’t Do This” is back! I was clearly a perfect parent these past two weeks, so this edition of “Don’t Do This” is brought to you by Pinterest, which is a site you should probably avoid if you value your free time and productivity.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board where people pin stuff they love, or in my case, sloths. Like anything on the internet it’s got it’s seedy, swear word side. And like everything else on the internet sometimes people say things you may not agree this. And it’s 2011 and yes, people are still coming to grips with the fact that on the internet sometimes people say things you may not like. I know, I know. It makes me clutch my pearls too. But what can I do? The internet refuses to wear the sweater sets I pick out for her at Ann Taylor loft and cross her legs like a lady. That horrible internet.

Here is evidence that the internet is not, in fact a lady: a picture on Pinterest with a baby and a swear word. But the best part of this is those crusaders for internet justice who are demanding that this be UNPINNED because WHAT IF A KID SAW!?! I agree. It’s too hard to be a parent. So instead, let’s just make everyone else censor themselves.

PS UNPIN! is the new UNFRIEND!

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