Looking Hot in the Cold: Cold Weather Beauty

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If there is one phrase I hear alot it is, “Wow, you look nothing like your baby.” And if there is a phrase that I never hear, it is, “You look so good what’s your secret?”

Looking good, while balancing a baby and a job where I sit at home in my skivvies, is a challenge. I don’t have to put on pants to go in early to the office all I have to do is throw on my glasses and hope the mailman can’t see my lack of pants from the front door. Poor man. Don’t worry, we gave him a nice gift this Christmas.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t try. I’ve been living in the Midwest for almost 10 years now. And if I’ve learned anything about winter it is this: it will literally suck the life out of you. Usually by the end of February, I’m shedding more skin than an iguana and my lips are perpetually puckered. Enter my friend: Vaseline.

Nothing says sexy, like slathering Vaseline all over your body.

I use this guy to soften my hands at night. Put on chapped lips. I even put it on blemishes to combat the inevitable dry skin that results when the blemish is gone and you’re left with the crater of grossness in its wake. I use it to remove eye make up. There is nothing, that Vaseline cannot do. From burns to dry elbows. This stuff should be handed out at the borders of all Northern states. Alaska should give it to you in bulk. You can have your fancy cremes. I like my beauty products to be cheap, effective and somewhat dubious of origin.

The other cold weather beauty item I love, my hairstylist Kendra introduced me to, it’s CHI Silk Infusion.

It's like butter for your hair.

While it’s a little pricey, a little bit of this stuff goes a long, long way and it helps fix those areas where winter has sucked out your hair’s will to live. I love this stuff. Putting it in my hair makes me feel like the Paula Deen of hairstyling. By which I mean, sexy.

Finally, I was recently required to be in a photo shoot for an upcoming project. These pictures are set to be plastered on a billboard down the street from where I currently sit pantsless. Yes, it’s just about as horrifying as it sounds.  In order to get ready, I did what any self-respecting Midwesterner would do. I went to Pinterest and obsessively searched for ways that I wouldn’t look like the guy from Goonies and gave myself an at-home facial using Knox gelatin, a plastic up, some milk and a spoon.

I'm melting.

Despite the horrifying flesh-eating bacteria look that you get during the process. I loved how my skin felt afterward. Smooth. Soft. And very pink. Not my everyday lifeless gray, this-baby-is-killing-my-youthful-good-looks thing that I usually rock.  This, plus a sassy new do and giant billboard, here I come!


What is your winter-weather beauty solution? Tell me in the comments! Also, if you’re looking for more ways to combat the winter hair blahs, my hairstylish Kendra has some fabulous tips for winter hairstyles and winter hair products.

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