DIY: Coat Hanger/Crap Hider

Our living room is just one big open space, so there is no proper entryway, you just walk in and it’s on. One of the things that kills me is that people have no where to put their crap when they come. Coats are tossed hither and yon and purses end up shoved in corners. That’s no way to treat your guests. So, I’ve been trying to find a lovely entryway organizer/coat holder/crap accumulator. But when you Google that, you’d be surprised at how few options there are. And most of them cost approximately a million dollars.

So, at the first garage sale of the season, my neighbor, who might just be the Grand Pontiff of Bargain Finding found this and benevolently offered it to me (she had found enough deals, she was feeling generous).  This metal cupboard was only $1 and Dave was highly skeptical. But a can of spray paint (we already had the color). Some hooks from Home Depot (about $2 for 2 hooks and we have 6) and hooray! I think the cupboard needs a ship in a bottle on top. But other than that, I couldn’t be happier with how it looks.

Also, that black bench? I got that sucker FREE from the side of the road. I challenge you to be cheaper than this!

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