Click It or Ticket

What? I totally saved her AFTER I took five pictures.

I ran upstairs for three minutes to print some documents and I heard, “Eh?”

Whatever, she’s a little whiny these days.

A little louder. “EH?”

Babies are so needy, like…well, babies.


I picked up my document and walked downstairs. Ellis was no where to be seen. And she’s not adventurous. The one time I saw her get into the potted plant, I glared and she burst into tears and handed over the leaf she had mashed up into her chubby hand. I practically applauded when she tentatively put a contact case in the toilet.

There it was again. “EHHHH!”

Stuck in the car. And I’m not sure how she managed to wrangle herself in this position, but she was pretty disturbed. The look on her face was all terror. When I finally rescued her, she buried her face into my shoulder and started crying as if to say, “Never again will I try to climb on things!”

And this is her future: “Guys, the NRA training we had said specifically not to shoot at animals without an adult present. Guys? GUYS?! Oh well….”

Aims BB gun, fires and then commences bawling when she realizes she shot a squirrel.

How do I know? Must be mother’s intuition?

Also, I always buckle up. ALWAYS.

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