No Pants 2012: Taking the Plunge

My baby hates pants too.

The other day, LearnVest posted an essay I wrote on my No Pants 2012 Challenge and then it was on the HuffPo (dons famous shades). I usually cringe and run in horror from internet comments. (Seriously, I was linked once on Fark and I’ve never been the same since. Internet, you are a heartless beast and I love you.)

But those comments on LearnVest were just awesome. Kind of like a nugget dipped in ranch with a coke kind of awesome. And as it turns out, there are a lot of you out there who are undertaking similar challenges. Here are some links to some of the awesome blogs…

Second-Hand Challenge–All second-hand clothes all the time.

260 Days, No Repeats–No repeating outfits ever. I would fail this since I basically love my tunic+jeggings outfit so much it’s unreal.

U Styled–A fabulous professional styler. I don’t even know what those words mean, but I kind of want to snuggle her closet.

Madfoot–A pretty awesome blogger, who has a great post about how not having money is kind of like the new single and she’s done wasting her time wishing she had what other people had. Unless, presumably they had a unicorn, then she could be forgiven.

Also, I think I counted like five people who said they’d join me. I mean, that plus a tent and we have ourselves a real occupy our clothing budget movement. (Dave says that joke is so tired. But I said so is our marriage…who won that one?)

I would out everyone and then do something horrible like tell the internet to stalk you and keep you accountable (and then spread rumors about a sex tape), but I don’t have that kind of pull and the one person who reads this blog (my mom) doesn’t like typing the word “sex” in public.

Okay, I lied. I’ll out one person. No pressure, but Talia says she’s joining me.  Will you join us?


The Pantsless Revolution is a lot like a cult except I offer none of the free-love, drugs or weapons that most good cults offer. Instead, you just get to shed your pants budget for a year. It’s pretty great.

Still not sure if you want to join? Here’s added incentive: I’ve decided to expand this challenge six more months for a whole year. So, help me!

I love hearing what people are doing to save money and I love seeing the pictures. So PLEASE email me and update me on your challenges.

And if you are new here, don’t worry, this blog isn’t all no pants and money talk. Mostly I like to make jokes about weapons and Pinterest too.

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