Welcome, Huffington Post Readers

My little essay from LearnVest was syndicated on the HuffPo and then made it to AOL’s front page (I know right? AOL still exists? I’m just as shocked as you are) and that makes me so happy.  Welcome to the blog.

I was persusing the internet comments some of you left over there on the HuffPo and I have some answers for you…

1. My coffee budget is $5 a month for the one time I go out and have coffee with a friend. And by “go out for coffee with a friend” I mean yell at poor people to get out of my way while I get fat off a super, venti, grande, mocha, lattecino.

2. We have a car line item, because we’re driving our old ones and saving for a new one, so that when that Mazda finally strands us on the side of the road we won’t have to go into debt buying something super, duper fancy like a used Honda. We’re just big spenders, what can I say?

3. I know, this is so not news. Right? THE THINGS THAT PASS FOR NEWS! Me and bacterial zip-lining infection girl are just WASTING VALUABLE NEWS SPACE. Consequently, I have a lot of shame.  Perhaps I’ll go look disdainfully at someone poorer to regain my sense of entitlement.

4. No, thank you for telling me to cut coupons, shop at Wal-Mart, go to Kohls, wait for sales….All of these really common ways of saving money never occurred to me until now. THANK YOU INTERNET COMMENTS!

5.  Wait, you’re saying I should “make more money”? *Snaps fingers* Thanks. Well, that solves everything. I guess I’ll go buy pants now.

PS I did extend the challenge for a whole year.

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