Another Nebula

We are all sick. Every last one of us. Ellis and I are coughing up all of our organs and Dave is sneezing out brain fluid. Or what I assume is brain fluid because he cannot physically have anything else in his nose left to sneeze.

And this is all marvelous because on Saturday we hop on a plane to go visit my crazeballs family.  One time, when Dave and I showed up for Thanksgiving at my parents house the turkey was relaxing in the Jacuzzi and my mom played Monks Chant Christmas on her CD player at 5 in the morning. At least this trip, we will have my pregnant sister, her boyfriend who grows mushrooms and worms (but not tree frogs, not any more), and my other sister is bringing her boyfriend who does “death cross” which according to Google is a financial term. But my sister assures me it’s like “Motocross but cooler.”

Is that a turkey in your tub or are you just happy to see me?

I better bring my pearls. There will be a lot of clasping.

In lieu of a real post, I wanted to show you a video of Ellis and her space flash cards, which I bought for Dave as a joke, but apparently, I’m the only one who thinks they were a joke. Dave and Ellis take space very seriously. Everyday Ellis asks for “Satur” and “Moon ecipse.” And on Wednesday, I found them watching a video about galaxies. And now Ellis points to all pictures of stars and says “galaxy.” And then I beat her and tell her, “NO! That’s not a galaxy! It’s a star! At this rate you’ll never get into first grade.”


Running Amok on the Internet

This was posted on my site a while ago, so you may recognize it, but it’s up on the HuffPost Parents section now. It’s about Iowa and meth. So it’s probably relevant to your interests. [HuffPost Parents]

This is about that crazy year of the Jacuzzi turkey. [Mommyish]

This is all those flying tips you all gave me on my Facebook page. [Real Moms of Eastern Iowa]


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