The Reasons My Child Can’t Sleep


1. She needs her wands.

2. She has too many wands and wants to put them away.

3. She has on underwear.

4. She feels too “rusty.”

5. She feels too “wakey.”

6. The cup on her shelf is not “scoocheded in.”

7. “Mommy was dweaming about princesses, but I want to dweam about princesses!”

8. Baby Jude is sleeping “too much.”

9. Her room isn’t pink enough.

10. She needs a fancy dress to get her “sleeps out.”

11. She got her “sleeps out lasterday.”

12. Daddy yelled at the monsters who are just nice guys and daddy needs to be nice.

13. Her “‘testines are making poo poo.”

14. She already sleeped.

15. She had too many stories and now she feels storied.

16. There are wolves.

The Reasons I Can’t Sleep

1. My toddler won’t stop talking.


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