9 Questions I Have for the Creators of “Dinosaur Train”

Previously in this series: “Curious George: What The Hell?”



1. Um, what the actual hell is going on in this show? You expect me to believe that there is a train that is supposedly built by an entire species with arms that are too short and a lack of opposable thumbs? And this train is then supposed to travel across the entire earth and through time for a pleasant little jaunt and then return the dinosaurs home by dinner? My train can’t even get me to Chicago at a reasonable time and I live four hours away. And we need to discuss the episode where they visit Giganotosaurus and they aren’t even harmed in any way. Like, one of the biggest carnivores isn’t going to pop Tiny Pteranodon like a fruit snack. Seriously. Do I need to be high to buy into the premise? Because I will be. I will move to Colorado and toke up every morning I decide to phone it in on parenting and I turn on PBS Kids. I mean, it’s not like I can put away the laundry any less at this point.

2. So, because the pre-historic era has a train, am I to believe that the British colonized the dinosaurs too? This show is Canadian. Are there colonial undercurrents? Is this a subliminal request to have Britian recolonize you?

3. So, how did Buddy the Tyrannosaurus get into the Pteranodon nest? Was he kidnapped? Is that why Mr Pteranodon has that creepy nervous laugh? Was Buddy abandoned outside a pre-historic Burger Rex? Was he adopted? Was he the result of an unfortunate affair between Mrs. Pteranodon and a T. Rex? Did Mr. Pteranodon have a bastard child? Will he be made to take up The Black? IS HIS LAST NAME SNOW?

4. When is Buddy going to eat their faces off?

TRex Eating Another Dinosaur

5.  Why do the dinosaurs only learn about themselves? I mean I guess it’s great they are learning and understanding new species, but can’t they actually read a book or try out some hands-on learning of fractions? Oh, I’m sorry. Did you just say, “Dinosaurs don’t do math? IT’S A SHOW WHERE THEY RIDE A MAGICAL TIME TRAVELING TRAIN, GIVE THEM SOME FREAKING FRACTIONS.

6.  Let me be real honest, from what I’ve read about Pteranodons on Wikipedia, they fed off the carcasses of other dinosaurs. When exactly are we going to get an episode where Buddy finds his family face-deep in the intestines of a Raptorex and they all have to go to family counseling?

7. Why can’t I quit you Dr. Scott the Paleontologist?

Creepy Dinosaur



8. If the series finale doesn’t include Buddy with a face full of blood and all the other dinosaurs bowing to him as meteors rain from the sky, I will quit you PBS Kids.

9.  Speaking of meteors? They should be picking off at least a few dinosaurs by now.

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  • Laura Marr

    Kids watching this show never think, “Dinosaurs can’t talk,” or “Dinosaurs can’t time travel.” The whole purpose of this show is to educate children about dinosaurs and the world that all of us live in. Yes, dinosaurs don’t exist anymore; but neither do cavemen, like in “The Flinstones,” and no one hates on them.

  • lyzl

    That’s a great idea! I’ll hate in the Flintstones next.

  • Alexander Marr

    This show was meant for children as fun escapist fiction, not for grown adults. Of course dinosaurs had no concept of engineering, but it doesn’t make the show any less fun to watch. In fact, the whole time tunnel/train concept makes the show MORE fun and imaginative!

  • James David Shepherd

    In Russia, colony trains you!

  • Sasha Rowen

    This is a kid’s show!!!!
    Do you watch this on Fox8 or other adult appropriate channels??
    NO! Its on ABC Kids. (Australian Channel)
    You’re talking about Buddy and having a face full of blood?!?!? Are you insane?
    Im just gonna have to keep repeating myself cause its a goddamn kid show lol!!
    The way you make it sound like, it should be MA15+ show.
    Kids love being creative and having an imagination. Thats why the creators of kids shows display that sort of imagination.
    And also there a kids that love dinosaurs and this show provides information on different creatures for them to learn.

    Oh and here’s a link to find out how he got in the nest and all the other crap you mentioned.