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My name is Lyz. I’m a writer, blogger, and digital and social media strategist. In addition to this fine site, I also write regularly for the Huffington Post and Mom.me.

My writing has appeared in The Hairpin, The Toast, Forbes, Babble, Guideposts, TruTv, NewParent.com, The Hairpin, Guidepost magazine, Real Weddings, AOL, Yahoo Shine and I’ve been syndicated on MSNBC and MSN Glo. My short stories have been published on Storyglossia and the Iowa Writes Project and one was just turned into a movie, which premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival.  (You can see clips of my work here.)

Oh, you mean personally…

I’ve been married for nine years. And my husband and I live in a 90-year-old house that we love and fill with antique and garage sale finds. I love to run. I’ve run four half marathons in five years and my running helps me counteract my chicken nugget addiction. I have a uterus and I use it. I’m the mom to a gorgeous, wise and very capable two-year-old girl, Ellis. I’m due in July with our second. Whose gender is TBD.

This blog…

On this blog, I write about babies, cervices, and how much I hate the pants.

In 2012, I gave up buying clothes for a full year, I call it my No Pants 2012 challenge. You can read more about it here. Or check out the Huffington Post article here.

Links to some of my popular posts:

The book…

I’m currently working on a memoir about being raised to be an Evangelical housewife who would homeschool my million children, then I rebelled, went to college, watched the Vagina Monologues and dated Democrats. (Clasp your pearls! It’s very shocking.)

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    I wish u good life with your husband and childern