My Writing

I’m a freelance writer, newspaper columnist and blogger. I’ve  written regularly for The Huffington Post, TruTV, Babble and I’m a columnist for the Cedar Rapids Gaette. You can also find my writing on New York Times MotherlodeBabble,, Mommyish, LearnVest and more. Also, one of my posts about buying my children Christmas presents was featured on the Huffington Post and covered on Good Morning America.


My essays have been anthologized in The Contemporary Reader, Readings for Today (Penguin Academic Reader) and Parenting Uncensored: Straight Talk from Real Moms and Dads About Pregnancy. 


This is not a complete list. Just a sampling. If you’d like to see more, please email me.

“The Small Things.” Literary Mama.

“Why I Take My Children to Church.” Brain, Child Magazine.

“Magic Under the Table.” Brain, Child Magazine.

“In the Walls.” The Hairpin.

“My Year of Mom Rage.” The New York Times, Motherlode

“Lip Gloss, Joshua Harris, and the Woman I Was Supposed to Be.” The Toast

“As Close to Evil as We Can Stand.” The Toast.

“How the No Pants Challenge Helped Me Look Like an Adult.” Forbes.

“Why I Gave Up Shopping for Clothes.” XO Jane.

“Freedom isn’t Free: The Cost of Religious Homeschooling.” Geez Magazine, Summer 2013.

“9 Crazy Things People Found in Their Walls.” Mental Floss.

“Sheep Snot and Other Recipes from My Dad”  The Louisville Review, Fall 2011.

“Free Ways to Market Your Freelance Services.”

“Spotless” Ecotone, February 2008.

“Marriage Isn’t Always 50/50″

“Worth it?” Real Weddings, Spring 2008, VOL 7, Issue 2, NO. 14. Web link.

“The Grandmaster,” Yellow Medicine Review, Fall 2009 (please contact me for a copy)

“The Marriage Secret No One Ever Tells You”

“Katniss Everdeen: The Perfect Anecdote to Twilight’s Bella”

“Your Pregnancy or Theirs?”

“Leaving Baby with Dad”

“TMI Parenting Anxiety”

“The Church and Domestic Violence.” Relevant Magazine, March 2009.

“Can $100 Big Ones Buy You a Job?” and “5 Tips for Using Social Media In Your Job Search.”Hoopla Now.

Slideshow: “Easy Recipes for Everyday of the Week”

“Do Successful Women Intimidate Men?”

“From Tragedy to Togetherness: The Story of a Flood”

“Is Divorce a Sin?”

“When To Talk Politics”

“Are Gender Differences A Myth?”

“Valentines at Wendy’s & Other Quirky Customs” The Today Show Web site

“When Couples Therapy Doesn’t Work”


“Fowl Failure.” Daily Palette, April 22, 2007.

“Juhaciban,” Storyglossia, Fall 2009.